Why you should no longer be using templates and images in your eBay listings

Over the past few months, when each of my listings have required renewing, I have been updating them.  This was due to something I heard actually last Christmas.  And yes, I have actually been a few months delaying updating my listings.

So what was it I heard?  Well, that on Christmas day itself, shopping online increased by a large percentage.  I can’t remember the exact growth, but that doesn’t matter.  Just the fact it increased, and not on your computer, no, but on mobile and tablets.

This is why you should avoid cluttering up your listing with fancy graphics and images.  You want your listing to be as easy to read on mobile as possible.  So here’s how:

  • Upload all your photos of the item to eBay and keep them out of the product description.  eBay have recently updated their image policy and now you can upload more than just one photo, whereas in some categories you could only have one
  • Use black text on white background.  Don’t try to make it look fancy.  This will just make it more difficult to read.
  • Use bullet points, like in this post, for each part of the description.
  • When taking a photo of your product, try to fill the whole viewfinder with the item.  Remember, more people are viewing the picture on a smaller screen now, so you need it to be as big and clear as possible.  You should have done that anyway ofcourse, but this is even more important now.

Don’t delay, optimise your listings for mobile today.  People have been doing their Christmas shopping online now for many years.  Now they can do their Christmas shopping whilst on their daily commute to work etc. and so will be doing so on their mobile phone.

Here is an example of a listing that does not display well on mobile:

Silver heart watch pendant or search on the app for item number 310416296446

Here is an example of a listing I have optimised for eBay mobile

Digital Camera or search on the app for item number 310721694485

Have a look at both listings on your computer and mobile and see what a difference there is.

Another reason why you should do this right away is because it will not be doing your ranking in best match search results any favours.  The reason why is because a mobile user will view your listing, not find it easy to read and leave your listing again.  The more hits your listings gets without a sale, will move it down in the best match search results.   Resulting in lower conversions and loosing sales.

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