Your Auction Listing Description

You’ve now got a great auction title, but now you want buyers to bid on your item after they have clicked on it. 

Depending on the item you are selling, the description is probably the second most important part of your eBay, or indeed any other auction site’s, listing.  Some may argue that the picture is probably the second most important part of your listing, but this is why I think it really depends on the item you are selling.  For example, if you are selling a Star Wars DVD, do you really think the picture is going to make or break how much the auction goes for?  In my opinion, I don’t think so.  Whereas, if you are listing an antique valuable ornament, it would without a doubt have a big effect on your final price.

 Having said all that, I still think it is debatable as to whether the description is not more important than the picture.

 You can do so much with your auction description, and a lot of sellers do not take advantage of this.

 Although you have done a good job of your auction title, it is still a good idea to put a good strong bold title at the top of your auction description, just to make sure your bidders know what they are looking at.

If you are selling other items that you think buyers who are looking at this listing would also like, tell them about it and invite them to look at your other listings.  Insert a ‘View My Oher Items’ link there.  Make it as easy as possible for people to look at your other items.  I also like to highlight this, to make it stand out.

Put a good detailed description of your item and be as honest as possible.  Do not leave any crucial information out.  Think what you would like to know if you were looking at the auction as a buyer.  For example, if you are selling a set of 3 floral tea towels, don’t just say ‘You are bidding on a set of 3 floral tea towels’.  What size are they, colour, shape, material.  Are they new and in packaging, or new but not in packaging.  Once you have exhausted everything you can think of to tell your prospective buyers about your item, invite them to ask you further questions.  I usually just enter something as simple as, ‘If you wish to know anything else, please use the Contact The Seller’ link at the top of the page, and I will reply as soon as I can’.

Be honest.  Do not leave things out which buyers would want to know, even if you think it may put people of bidding.  The very last thing you want is for your customer to receive the item and then leave you negative feedback becuase your description was not entirely honest. You want to avoid negative feedback at all costs; especially in your early days as a seller.  

If you have good feedback, tell people you are an honest seller whom they can trust and put a link to your feedback so that people can easily see it.  Again, as mentioned above, make it as easy as possible for bidders who are looking at your auction to see what you want them to see. 

If you have an eBay store, insert a link to it.  Mention you have an eBay store and ask people to browse around it.  If you do not have a store, but you have other listings, simply insert a link to your other listings instead.  You can further encourage people to browse your other items by saying that you will combine postage costs if they purchase more than one item and pay all in the same transaction.  You want them to pay all in one transaction, especially if they are using paypal, as this lowers the amount of Paypal commision you will pay.  In my listing, I put something along the lines of,

‘I also have other items on auction and ‘buy it now’ that may be of interest to you.  If you purchase more than one item, and let me know before you pay, I will send a revised invoice with combined postage and packaging costs.  Click here to view my other items’.

If you see other sellers selling exactly the same item as you, do not copy their listing.  You want your listing to look unique, and hence stand out from your competition.  Put it this way, if you have the exact same description as another seller, but the other seller has a better feedback rating to you, who do you think the buyer will choose to purchase from?  By all means look at their listing to see if they have mentioned something that you didn’t think of, but put it in your own words.  I do this all of the time if I struggle for something to write.

Make it clear in the listing itself, what your postage and packaging charges are.  Although you have to put these in anyway when doing your listing, I think this is a good idea as it does make it easier to view what your charges are, and looks more professional.

 If you found this information useful, then I recmmend an eBook I have in my eBay store.  It’s called, ’10 ways to write more effective ads’.  Please click HERE to view the listing for it.

 I hope this information is of some use to you, and thank you for reading this post.

Marc Sampson

eBay member: mompessons

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