John Thornhill’s Masterclass

Did you read the post I made two days ago?  If not, I recommend you read it.

This post is going to seem a very big coincidence, but I assure you, these two posts are in no way linked.

Over the last few days, I have been getting emails in from a well know internet marketer called John Thornhill which I have just been filling away with all of the other emails I get from him, as I don’t read every single email from everybody every day.  It just so happens that today, I did read the email I received from him. 

Before I get in to what the email was about, and what has prompted this post, I would like to tell you about how I came to know of John Thornhill, and how he has personally helped me get to where I am today on the internet.

It all started when I came across this eBook on eBay called ‘The 90 day powerseller challenge’.  I don’t think I need to tell you what the eBook is about.  But if you are interested, I sell the CD ROM version of this eBook in my eBay store, under the category eBay.  From this eBook, I went on and bought John Thornhill’s flagship product which is quite similar to the CD ROM version of the product.  From this I learnt how to set up an eBay store, how to sell eBooks on eBay and how to automate delivery of the products and how to set up an eBook website with the help of a members only dedicated forum and video tutorials.

About one year ago, John then set up a coaching program, which I also joined, as I felt I wanted to broaden my horizons regarding marketing on the internet.    On this program, I learnt how to set up this blog.  Yes the very one you are reading now, how to build a mailing list, making a product from scratch (I’m still making it though, watch this space), how to market that product, and repeat the process.

In a nut shell, everything I have learnt and done on the internet in terms of internet marketing, I owe to John Thornhill.  If you read this John, thank you.

So what was that email about that I received from John today?  Of Course, I am on John’s mailing list, and he has launched just today a very similar program to the one I joined a year ago. 

You too can learn everything that I have learnt and much more.  The product John is launching is John Thornhill’s Masterclass.  If after you read my post from two days ago you feel all geared up and motivated to achieve your goals, but don’t know where to begin or how to start, then you cannot get a better mentor than John Thornhill himself.  He will show you as a complete beginner how to start your internet marketing work at home career.  Click HERE to learn more about it and also to watch a video of John Thornhill himself.  I sincerely cannot thank John enough for everything he has taught me, and if you join his masterclass and put in the work involved, you will be thanking him too, I GUARANTEE IT. 

If you seriously want to succeed online, I wouldn’t hang about, go check it out now as John is only allowing a very limited number of people to join as he is giving one on one tuition and when I joined the similar program he ran last year, the places sold out in around 2 hours.

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