No more eBooks to be sold on eBay


Yes, you read that right.  Basically, it is not just eBooks that is banned from eBay, it is digitally delivered products including website templates, eBooks, graphics etc.  If you are a digital product seller, you may already know this.

Here is the official announcement: ttp://

Ofcourse this does not mean you cannot use ‘more conventional’ methods of delivering your digital product, i.e. snail mail.  However, when people search for information on the internet, not just eBay, they want it instantly.  They wont want to wait for 2-3 days for it to arrive in the post.  It may be worth testing as this will be the only way of finding out if it will work, however eBay is not the only platform to be selling your digital products.

I think a very important lesson we can all learn from this is not to put all of your eggs on one basket, i.e. not to rely on one place to sell your items, be it digital or otherwise.  I am going to be doing some looking around at other selling platforms and I will post again with my findings.

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  1. I can tell you that you are 100% correct. Snail Mail doesn’t work in selling eBooks.

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