One blog post criticism and constructive feedback

 Just a couple of days ago, someone left me the following comment on my blog;

“Site is nothing special, and some of the blog categories don’t make sense. Not a site I would return to.. you are not master class you are 3rd class just selling affiliate programs . It will never help you succeed. Your site is very confusing .all your site can do is make money for you and not others .”

Of course, when I first read that, I was taken back.  “What a cheek”, I thought to myself.  I certainly disagree with the last sentence.  Many of my posts are simply to provide help and information, and do not even refer to any products.  I deleted the comment as the commenter also put in his/her website, and I thought, “Why should they have their website on my blog generating traffic with comments like that’.

Perhaps I reacted with too much haste.  I now wish I had allowed the comment to go ahead.  The reason being, I could allow you to see it to prove I’m not making it up, and also because of this, I have actually received constructive feedback as a result.

I wanted other peoples opinion.  Maybe the commenter has a point.  Is this really how people view my blog?  “The best way to find out” I thought, “is to ask”.  I am a member of the Warrior Forum, so I decided to start a thread to ask other people’s honest opinion. 

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the forum thread, as the moderators of the forum have deleted it.  But the point is, if you find yourself in a similar situation, just think to yourself how you can take advantage of it.   Without his comment, I simply wouldn’t have got this feedback.  I will use these comments, and you will see a different looking blog.  This wont happen overnight, as I need to learn how to implement these suggested changes.


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