Product Review: Auction List Building Exposed by Tasleem Khan

I recently purchased this product and I just felt I had to write a review about it just to warn any potential buyers about it so you can save yourself ten bucks and half hour of your time.

The product is called ‘Auction List Building Exposed’ and the author is Tasleem Khan.  Here is a link to the sales page.  It is not an affiliate link as I am not promoting it in anyway shape or form.

The eBook is showing you how to build a list of subscribers (I use that term subscribers loosely, and I will explain why) by selling eBooks on eBay.  That is why I bought it as I sell on eBay anyway and always looking for ways to add more subscribers to my list.  However the method it teaches is unethical, totally against eBay’s policy of member to member contact and even worse illegal.

First of all if you do click on the link above, although it’s a nice looking sales page in fairness, the author has not shown her eBay name.  Now if this was something she was doing and was a success, why wouldn’t you show your eBay name?  Also she has stated you can do this without breaking any rules.  This is totally incorrect as already mentioned.

So what is the eBook teaching you.  Well in a nut shell, it tells you to put an eBook up for sale on eBay.  When it sells, burn it to disc and send to your customer.  Nothing wrong with that ofcourse.  But then it says, take the paypal email address and add it to your subscriber list.  It was when I read ‘Turn of the ‘double opt in’ that alarm bells rang.  This is so they don’t get an email asking to confirm their subscription.

If you then send email to that email address, it is classed as spam as you are sending unsolicited emails, i.e. an email that the received didn’t ask for, and spamming is illegal, certainly here in the UK.  You can email your customer after the sale regarding their purchase, but you can’t send them marketing email unless they asked for them.

After I purchased the ebook, I then received further emails unrelated to this eBook and I didn’t ask for them, plus other people that I assume is affiliated to this person.

On the sales page you will notice there is a 30 day money back guarantee.  I registered my ebook on 12th September.  I contacted Tasleem the same day requesting a refund and explained the reasons why.  She refused, giving the explanation that collecting email addresses is not illegal.  I replied back saying ‘no collecting email address isn’t but using them to send unsolicited email is.  I’m still requesting a refund’.  I’ve not had a reply.

I have to say, it’s people like this who give internet marketers a bad name.  I only hope that my giving you good quality content and information at least puts your faith in me and other marketers.

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