Product Sourcing Ideas For Your Online Auction Business Part 8 – and becoming a powerseller

I just want to touch on another method of product sourcing.  This is my main method and also my favourite.

That is selling information, training videos and software via CD ROM’s.  If you go to my eBay store (info-sources eBay store) you will see the type of products I sell.  I also sell non CD ROM products, but all of my CD ROM’s are shown at the top of the category links down the left hand side.

You will notice that the prices range from £1.99 through to £17.00, and I regularly sell all of them.

The beauty of selling these products, is that you only need to acquire the product once, but you can resell it as many times as you like.  The reason for this is because you acquire products which come with ‘resale rights’.  You would be mistaken for thinking that these type of products come with a high price tag when you first purchase them, but actually you would be incorrect.

These are mainly eBooks which I have converted into CD ROM products, as you are no longer allowed to sell ‘non physical’ items on eBay.

The first eBook I bought was ‘The 90 day powerseller challenge’.   It does what it says on the tin.  It walks you through the steps required to become an eBay powerseller in 90 days by selling eBooks.  However, since the first version of this was released there have been many policy changes on eBay.  Hence there has been a second, third and now newly released, a fourth version.  This walks you through the steps required to become a powerseller in 90 days by selling CD ROM products, just as I do.

This product itself is a CD ROM, and I am selling it in my shop for just £1.99 and it comes with resale rights.  Here is the link to the listing 90 day powerseller challenge v4.0. It you are wanting a copy, I wouldn’t hang about though, as this listing is only for 20 copies.

I have mentioned in one of my other posts regarding new rules for using the word ‘powerseller’ and the powerseller logo in your listings.  You can find that post HERE.  This does not mean the powerseller program no longer exists.  In fact you first need to become a powerseller before you can go on to become a Top Rated Seller, which is the goal for most sellers, as it comes with many benefits.

If you have never seen the 90 day powerseller challenge before then I highly recommend you check it out, as this is what got me started, not only selling information on eBay, but has also led me into the internet marketing business.

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