Say no to non std phone numbers – UK readers

Are you like me where you get inclusive minutes on your mobile phone and free calls on the landline?  If so, and I think most people do these days, then chances are the non std phone numbers are not included in the inclusive/free minutes.  Phone number like 0870 0871 0845 0844 even the free phone number 0800 0808 which ofcourse are free on your landline anyway, but not your mobile.  Some of these phone numbers can cost you around 10p per minute and the companies say they are not premium rate phone numbers.  Yeah, right okay, whatever.

Ladies and gentlement, allow me to introduce you to where you can either type in your non std phone number and it will search its database to give you other phone numbers including std phone numbers, or you can just search by company name.  I have used it on 4-5 occasions now to phone either my energy company, satelite TV supplier and others, and has not failed me yet. 

I have no affiliation with this website at all and that is not an affiliate link.  I just thought you might find it useful.  After all, saving money is a way of making money isn’t it?  The site is also supported by Martin Lewis and his website,

Please let me know what you think of this website by leaving your comments below.  If you are not in the UK, but your country has a similar site, please share it with us, again by leaving a commnt below.



3 Responses to “Say no to non std phone numbers – UK readers”

  1. Good post.

  2. Thankyou mate. Think understand. Lot of reading between lines has to be dun these days.
    So what are these numbers and who has them allicated to them selves?

  3. Thank you for your comment. There can be several numbers listed for the same company, but for different departments. That can be helpful also. The numbers are just ordinary geographic number, i.e. 020, 01274, etc etc. These numbers come included in your free calls usually.

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