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I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

With all of the doom and gloom about at the moment in terms of the recession, credit crunch etc, in 2009, you may be wanting to look for ways you can save yourself a few pounds this year.  Well can help you do just that.  It is completely free and unbiased information.     It is written by the very well known Martin Lewis who has been on TV many times.  In fact you may recall all of the uproar that started from banks overcharging on fees, for example bounced cheque fees, and unauthorised overdraft fees.  Martin Lewis lead this campaign against the banks to help people reclaim back their charges.  He done a TV program based on that.  Also he has written newspaper and magazine articles and his own books.

Here is a list of just some of the things you can find on the website:

  • A newsletter you can sign upto (I recommend you do this)
  • temporary special offers you may not otherwise know about
  • where to find the best deals on credit cards, loans, and different types of insurance products
  • Advice on financial budgeting and planning
  • A blog and forum
  • loopholes

And because Martin Lewis is completely independant, you know that if he recommends one company over another, you know it’s not because he gets a cut, because he doesn’t. 

 In the emails you get, should you sign up for the newsletter, you can expect to be told about money off vouchers, vouchers for free items which you can print off yourselve.  current deals on hotels, insurance, any magazine which is giving away a particularly good freebie and many other money saving tips.

Basically, the website contains much more information that I can tell you about here.  The best thing to do is go and check it our for yourselve.  Go to

It is targeted to British citizens, but if you want to know about a similar type of webiste for the country you live in, just search on one of the search engines. e.g. if you live in Canada, type ‘money saving Canada’.  If you are outside of the UK and you find a website on money saving for the country in which you live. share it with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Hi Marc, I liked watching your first time video. Now for me the really interesting thing would be to write a blog on how you made and uploaded your video.

    I came to your blog via John Thornhills Forum.
    Regards, Ray.

  2. Hi Ray,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I have a couple of posts I want to make on my blog over the next few days, and I will certainly make this a blog post at some point. If you want to be aware of when I have put this on a post, sign up to the blog updates and you will receive an email.


  3. Fantastic site! I will most definitely recommend you to my mates. Please carry on the excellent updates. You on Twitter too??

  4. Thank you for your kind words.

    If you sign up to the blog updates on the home page , you will get an email from me advising when I have made another post.

    Yes I am also on twitter.

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